Bunny Gal has been watching Barney’s “Let’s go to the beach” lately and dying to go for a beach day. Since 2 days ago, she has been carrying her beach set everywhere she walks to. Bunny Mum and Dad were cracking head finding a clean & nearby beach to go for the weekend. Unfortunately, Avillion and Thristle were fully booked while the nearby beach like Morib wasn’t high recommended among the mummies with toddlers. With the help of “mighty” Google, we found a mummy’s blog recommending this man-made beach at Putrajaya. We decided to give it a try given we were practically left with NO other option.

Yesterday night, while Bunny Mum was busy packing for this morning picnic, Bunny Gal dragged out a big bag and stuffed her beach ball into it. Next she pulled out her Barney’s beach towel and told me ” mummy, pack!”. See, she was all ready! This morning, she woke up by herself w/o much fuss but gave us a headache when we tried to change her! Guess what? She refused to change into a t-shirt and short. She walked to her drawer, pulled out her swimsuit and wanna dress in it! Bunny Dad had no choice but to change her into her swimsuit.

After 2 wrong turnings, we finally arrived our destination at 10.30am. Weather was lovely in the sense that it was cloudy but not rainy. Therefore it wasn’t hot at all. There were about 8 groups/families at the “beach” with many kids playing in the water.

Overall the “beach” was rather clean with no sight of rubbish and there were workers standing by to clean the place. Washroom and changing area were merely a few steps away from the “beach”.

Bunny Gal really love this place and she had a great time here playing sand with Bunny Dad while Bunny Mum busy capturing the beautiful daddy-daughter bonding moments.

Bunny Mum also joined the fun

All of us had a wonderful morning which costs us almost nothing. All we spent on were 30mins driving time & petrol, a loaf of bread plus some tuna spread, in return we had a great outdoor activities with our Bunny Gal. In life, a lot of us are busy with rat race and climbing corporate ladder till we have forgotten it is those “simple things” in life that actually give us the most satisfaction and greatest happiness. And usually these “simple things” are priceless – as in do not cost you dollars and cents BUT some of your time.


Bunny Mum received a lot of inquires on the location of this “beach”. You just need to follow the signboard leading you to Precinct 6 and Pullman Putrajaya Hotel. If you have a GPS, set Pullman as your landmark and you won’t go wrong. Once the Pullman Hotel on your right (there is a right turning to bring you to the Pullman’s entrance), you continue to head straight till you reach the junction right after Pullman where you make a right turn. Head straight and shortly you will reach another cross junction, make right turn again and you will see Kompleks Sukan Air Presint 6 on your left while the beach is right in front of you. You may park at the road side or follow the sign leading to a proper car park on your left.

Have fun!!


Not sure why or how, Bunny Gal develops the new passion of lining up her toys in a straight line and then mess it up and repeat it again. Bunny Mum just can’t help but wonder what so fun about it. Bunny Gal does it with blocks, sticks, figurines, soft toys, etc. She can go on and on repeating the same process and still feel excited about it.

Can you see how focus and concentrate she is in lining her toys up?

Bunny Mum was told that those kids with OCD are into arranging everything in a same order and I can’t help to wonder whether Bunny Gal is showing some signs of OCD especially she is into washing her hand very often and can’t stand a single dirt on the floor where she will pick it up and make us throwing it. She is also into using tissue wiping anything everything and still claim it is dirty. Dirty, wipe wipe, throw, wash wash are her favourite words. She even told Bunny Gong Gong “Gong Gong dirty, no wash wash brush brush” as Bunny Gong Gong got up to her bed before brushing his teeth.

After thinking twice, Bunny Mum doubts it since Bunny Gal is never an organized Bunny as she leaves her toys everywhere and anywhere not till Bunny Mum seeks her help to clean up by singing the “Let’s put the toys away” song.

All these while, Bunny Gal will wave wave her hand at us whenever we leave at around 11pm every night (weekdays). Recently she is getting more attached to us especially Bunny Mum. She can sense that we want to leave soon and she will find ways to keep us in the house even though it means by FORCE!

The usual ritual would be changing Bunny Gal into pajamas and diapers and prepare supper (milk) for her to drink. She will instruct  Bunny Mum to sit next to her by pointing at the stool next to her bed and say “Mummy, sit sit ah” as she knows she might lose me for the night if I get out of her sight. What a smart bunny I have here. If Bunny Mum ever step out of the room, she will immediately bounce up from her bed, abandon her unfinished milk and rush out while yelling “mummy ah..mummy ah…” to stop me from leaving. Haiz… It is so heart-ache seeing her crying as we leave Bunny Gong Gong house every night.

Sometime she can sense that we might need to leave earlier than usual, she will make Bunny Mum and Bunny Dad to sit down or to hug her where she will then lock her hand around our neck! Another trick we used on her would be bringing her to the bathroom to wash her hand (her favourite) where Bunny PoPo will take over and Bunny Mum will have to run for life before Bunny Gal is done with her hand washing ritual.

My Angel
Watching her sleeping peaceful is my biggest reward!

2 weeks ago both Bunny Mum and Bunny Dad were very busy at work (worked till quite late) and didn’t manage to go back to Bunny Gong Gong’s house to visit Bunny Gal as usual. She missed us like crazy till she dreamed about us and shouting “Mummy! Mummy!” during her afternoon nap.

Bunny Mum seriously wonder how many time she can play the same old trick with Bunny Gal as she is getting smarter each day. Maybe we should bring her home every night from next year onward and send her to a nursery near our office in the morning while Bunny Gong Gong will pick her after class… Not sure whether it is too tiring for Bunny Gal having to wake up at 6am getting ready to Nursery plus get stuck in traffic jam everyday after all she is not even 3 by Jan 2012. Still need a lot of consideration before we can make up our mind.

When you see the bubbling, it means “It’s time for celebration”!!!

Time flies ! Bunny Dad and Bunny Mum has officially an “item” for 5 years and not to mention that we have known each other for more than 7 years. I was going through some old photos and realized that Bunny Dad has “grown” a lot since then – I mean in term of size while Bunny Mum pretty much about the same except a few more wrinkles on my face, bigger eye bags, more white hair, etc. LOL

Come to think about it, the biggest change in our marriage is never about our look/physical appearance but our love for each other which has been and continue to grow each and every day. How could I miss the best thing that can ever happen to our marriage => Bunny Gal whom make our marriage COMPLETE.

The true magic of love is not to avoid changes,
but to navigate them successfully,
hand in hand.

Bunny Gal is no longer be classified as “Infant”  as she has officially hitting the Terrible 2 on last Friday.

In fact, she has already acting as one since few weeks ago! She started off with the following :

  1. Refuse to take bath by keeping saying “No”
  2. Refuse to get up from the bathtub
  3. Refuse to change diapers/clothes
  4. Refuse to get onto the stroller
  5. Sudden addiction to pacifier
  6. Spilling out food after a few chews
  7. Throwing things/toys on the floor when she throws tantrum

This oppositional behaviors got worse during our Europe trip. Since we have been quite lenient to her throughout the trip and gave in to some of her “unreasonable” demand/request with the fear that she may go out of control in foreign land PLUS she was down with E. Coli virus for a few days.

Other than the oppositional behaviors, Bunny Gal also pick up some good habits such as follows:

  1. Keep her toys after she is done with it but we must remind her to do so at time.
  2. Return and arrange the items she took from the display shelve in the toy shop after she checked it out and never demand us to buy for her.
  3. Say “please” when she needs our help
  4. Share her toys with others
  5. Demand to wash and wipe her hand whenever it’s dirty
  6. Pick up rubbish and say “dirty” then pass it to us for disposal
  7. Cover her mouth when she sneezes – but most of the time she only remember doing so after she has sneezed

Last but the MOST important change in Bunny Gal’s  life is that she fall in love with Barney – the purple dino! She is deeply, madly truly in love with him. She can watch the same Barney show repeatingly without getting bored. She sings and dance along. She learns new words, numbers, action, counting, etc from the show more than from Bunny Mum. She sleeps with Barneys (yes, it’s more than ONE). She even brought one of her Barneys to Europe – what a lucky dino! And how can Bunny Mum forgets that Bunny Gal called “Barney” first before she starts calling Bunny Mum “Mummy”!!!!! Barney comes 1st and everything else come after Barney.


I have stopped blogging since February as I was very quite ill since end February and was hospitalized twice to fix my heart. During my stay in the hospital, I finally decided that it’s time to leave my “baby” (nope, not Bunny Gal) behind and move on since there has been too much emotional baggage for me to stay on. And yes, for greener pasture too! It is never an easy decision given that I have put up the whole place “brick- by-brick” and spent my good 6 years there.

I spent 3 out of 4 weeks of March on medical leaves and the entire month of April to handover. Finally I stepped out on 9 May 2011 and flew off to Europe the next day together with the entire Bunny family for a good 3 weeks.

Stay tune and I will update more on the trip plus Bunny Gal’s latest development.

Conversation No 1

Bunny Gal : Yea…yea…[tapping Bunny Mum’s arm]

Bunny Mum : Yes baby? What can I do for you?

Bunny Gal : Yea…yea…cap cap [clapping her hands]

Bunny Mum : [Singing] If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands

Bunny Gal : Cap Cap [clapping her hand with a big smile on her face]

Bunny Mum : [Singing] If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands

Bunny Gal : Cap Cap [clapping her hand while bouncing on the sofa]

Bunny Mum : [Singing] If you’re happy and you know it, then your face will surely show it. If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands

Bunny Gal : Cap Cap [clapping her hand while bouncing even harder]

Bunny Gal : [Yelling] Yeah [clapping]

Bunny Mum : Hug Hug ?

Bunny Gal : [Hug mummy tight]

Conversation No 2

Bunny Gal : Yea…yea…[tapping Bunny Mum’s arm]

Bunny Mum : Yes baby? What can I do for you?

Bunny Gal : Yea…yea…Ahh Ahh Ahh

Bunny Mum : [Singing] If all the raindrops were lemon-drops and gum-drops, oh, what a rain that would be. Standing outside with my mouth open wide…

Bunny Gal : Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh

Bunny Mum : [Singing] If all the raindrops were lemon-drops and gum-drops, oh, what a rain that would be.

Bunny Gal : [Yelling] Yeah [clapping]

Bunny Mum : Hug Hug ?

Bunny Gal : [Hug mummy tight]

We have been keeping all walls in the Bunny Hutch rather plain, as in cream in colour with the only “deco” are aircons – not even a clock! We only have floor stand clocks in the house. We always want to find some nice paintings to decorate it but with the arrival of Bunny Gal coupled with our hesitation of having nails on the wall, we decided to drop the idea as we are pretty sure Bunny Gal will attempt to attack those paintings by climbing on sofa/chair/stool. Wall paper is a No No to us too as Bunny Gal may start drawing on it or worse tearing it!

Finally we decided to give Wall Art as it is a cheaper and easier DIY alternative to Wall Paper yet w/o damaging the wall if Bunny Gal ever tear it off or when we need to remove it.

Here is the outcome…

Dining Hall

Living Hall

Master Bedroom

Bunny Gal’s Playland

Bunny Gal’s Wardrobe





Bunny Gal will be 20 months old in 2 days time! Bunny Mum and Bunny Dad took Bunny Gal for her routine vaccination yesterday morning. It seems that Bunny Gal has finally achieved the 10kg/80cm mark with her latest measurement of 10.2kg/81cm. She has been growing steadily at around 30 percentile and she has been hitting all her milestones. Somehow, Bunny Mum is of the opinion that despite Bunny Gal is very advanced in her physical & motor skill development, she seems slow in her linguistics development. However, the Paed thinks Bunny Gal is doing well! If so, then just let it be as every kid has its own phase in learning new skills.

Let’s list down words that Bunny Gal can pronounce todate:

  1. Gong Gong – “Grandpa” in Mandarin
  2. Po Po – “Grandma” in Mandarin
  3. Ba Ba
  4. Ma Ma
  5. Daddy
  6. Jiu Jiu –  Bunny Mum’s Brother
  7. Banie aka “Barney”
  8. Dak Dak aka “Duck”
  9. Woo Woo / Dok aka “Dog”
  10. Wei Wei – the name of our Poodle
  11. Boo Boo – the name of our Pekingese
  12. Ji Ji – imitating the sound of the birds
  13. Dop aka “Drop”
  14. Nie Nie aka “Nice Nice”
  15. Ter-tie aka “Dirty”
  16. Chou Chou – “smelly” in Mandarin where she meant she has pooped
  17. Bao Bao – “Full” or “Hug” in Mandarin. If she says it while hitting her tummy, it means she is full. Alternately, she will say it with her arm open wide and grab us.
  18. Cap Cap aka “Clap Clap”
  19. Kah Kah aka “Car Car”
  20. Wa Wa – “Doll” in Mandarin.
  21. Ball Ball
  22. Gai – “Cover” in Mandarin
  23. Fish
  24. Deng Long – “Lantern” in Mandarin
  25. No
  26. Yea aka “Yes”

Besides that, Bunny Gal can understand instructions very well. For example:

  1. When she is asked to bring an object (i.e. a ball) from one person (ie Bunny Dad) to another person (Bunny Gong Gong), she will take the object from the right person and bring it to the right person too.
  2. When she is asked to pick up an object (ie her toy) and placed it in a bag, she will do it as told if she feels like doing it. Else she will just ignore us and continue playing with her toys.

Bunny Mum would also like to announce 2 big achievements of Bunny Gal:

Self feeding w/o assistance
Bunny Gal is able to feed herself during meal time w/o our assistance.

No more  walking harness
Bunny Gal has graduated from using walking harness and now she will walk holding our hand! Unfortunately, she has a rather “rough” walking style – check out the way she swings her hand when she walks in the video clips below!


1/2 cup butter (softened)
2/3 cup organic raw cane sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 eggs
2 cups unbleached all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
280ml  plain yogurt
1/2 cup cherry jam *
1 cup frozen cherry  (may half the cherries) *

* may be replaced with another type of berries or fruits such as peach & mango


1. Preheat the oven to 175 °C.
2. In a large bowl, cream together the butter,  sugar and vanilla extract until light and fluffy.
3. Beat in the egg until smooth.
4. Combine the flour, baking soda, and baking powder in another bowl.
5. Stir  in flour mixture into the batter alternately with the yogurt and cherry jam.
6. Coat cherries with a thin layer of flour.
7. Stir in the cherries and spread the batter into the prepared pan.
8. Bake for 45 minutes in the preheated oven, until  a skewer inserted into the centres comes out clean.

(Inspired by various yogurt cake recipes found in AllReciple.com)

Bunny Mum’s Feedback

Very moist, fluffy and light cake. If I ever do it again, I will make it with muffin tray or loaf pan instead of bundt pan which makes the center of the cake crumble easily as the texture of the cake is very light.