Bunny Gal will be 20 months old in 2 days time! Bunny Mum and Bunny Dad took Bunny Gal for her routine vaccination yesterday morning. It seems that Bunny Gal has finally achieved the 10kg/80cm mark with her latest measurement of 10.2kg/81cm. She has been growing steadily at around 30 percentile and she has been hitting all her milestones. Somehow, Bunny Mum is of the opinion that despite Bunny Gal is very advanced in her physical & motor skill development, she seems slow in her linguistics development. However, the Paed thinks Bunny Gal is doing well! If so, then just let it be as every kid has its own phase in learning new skills.

Let’s list down words that Bunny Gal can pronounce todate:

  1. Gong Gong – “Grandpa” in Mandarin
  2. Po Po – “Grandma” in Mandarin
  3. Ba Ba
  4. Ma Ma
  5. Daddy
  6. Jiu Jiu –  Bunny Mum’s Brother
  7. Banie aka “Barney”
  8. Dak Dak aka “Duck”
  9. Woo Woo / Dok aka “Dog”
  10. Wei Wei – the name of our Poodle
  11. Boo Boo – the name of our Pekingese
  12. Ji Ji – imitating the sound of the birds
  13. Dop aka “Drop”
  14. Nie Nie aka “Nice Nice”
  15. Ter-tie aka “Dirty”
  16. Chou Chou – “smelly” in Mandarin where she meant she has pooped
  17. Bao Bao – “Full” or “Hug” in Mandarin. If she says it while hitting her tummy, it means she is full. Alternately, she will say it with her arm open wide and grab us.
  18. Cap Cap aka “Clap Clap”
  19. Kah Kah aka “Car Car”
  20. Wa Wa – “Doll” in Mandarin.
  21. Ball Ball
  22. Gai – “Cover” in Mandarin
  23. Fish
  24. Deng Long – “Lantern” in Mandarin
  25. No
  26. Yea aka “Yes”

Besides that, Bunny Gal can understand instructions very well. For example:

  1. When she is asked to bring an object (i.e. a ball) from one person (ie Bunny Dad) to another person (Bunny Gong Gong), she will take the object from the right person and bring it to the right person too.
  2. When she is asked to pick up an object (ie her toy) and placed it in a bag, she will do it as told if she feels like doing it. Else she will just ignore us and continue playing with her toys.

Bunny Mum would also like to announce 2 big achievements of Bunny Gal:

Self feeding w/o assistance
Bunny Gal is able to feed herself during meal time w/o our assistance.

No more  walking harness
Bunny Gal has graduated from using walking harness and now she will walk holding our hand! Unfortunately, she has a rather “rough” walking style – check out the way she swings her hand when she walks in the video clips below!