We have been keeping all walls in the Bunny Hutch rather plain, as in cream in colour with the only “deco” are aircons – not even a clock! We only have floor stand clocks in the house. We always want to find some nice paintings to decorate it but with the arrival of Bunny Gal coupled with our hesitation of having nails on the wall, we decided to drop the idea as we are pretty sure Bunny Gal will attempt to attack those paintings by climbing on sofa/chair/stool. Wall paper is a No No to us too as Bunny Gal may start drawing on it or worse tearing it!

Finally we decided to give Wall Art as it is a cheaper and easier DIY alternative to Wall Paper yet w/o damaging the wall if Bunny Gal ever tear it off or when we need to remove it.

Here is the outcome…

Dining Hall

Living Hall

Master Bedroom

Bunny Gal’s Playland

Bunny Gal’s Wardrobe