All these while, Bunny Gal will wave wave her hand at us whenever we leave at around 11pm every night (weekdays). Recently she is getting more attached to us especially Bunny Mum. She can sense that we want to leave soon and she will find ways to keep us in the house even though it means by FORCE!

The usual ritual would be changing Bunny Gal into pajamas and diapers and prepare supper (milk) for her to drink. She will instruct  Bunny Mum to sit next to her by pointing at the stool next to her bed and say “Mummy, sit sit ah” as she knows she might lose me for the night if I get out of her sight. What a smart bunny I have here. If Bunny Mum ever step out of the room, she will immediately bounce up from her bed, abandon her unfinished milk and rush out while yelling “mummy ah..mummy ah…” to stop me from leaving. Haiz… It is so heart-ache seeing her crying as we leave Bunny Gong Gong house every night.

Sometime she can sense that we might need to leave earlier than usual, she will make Bunny Mum and Bunny Dad to sit down or to hug her where she will then lock her hand around our neck! Another trick we used on her would be bringing her to the bathroom to wash her hand (her favourite) where Bunny PoPo will take over and Bunny Mum will have to run for life before Bunny Gal is done with her hand washing ritual.

My Angel
Watching her sleeping peaceful is my biggest reward!

2 weeks ago both Bunny Mum and Bunny Dad were very busy at work (worked till quite late) and didn’t manage to go back to Bunny Gong Gong’s house to visit Bunny Gal as usual. She missed us like crazy till she dreamed about us and shouting “Mummy! Mummy!” during her afternoon nap.

Bunny Mum seriously wonder how many time she can play the same old trick with Bunny Gal as she is getting smarter each day. Maybe we should bring her home every night from next year onward and send her to a nursery near our office in the morning while Bunny Gong Gong will pick her after class… Not sure whether it is too tiring for Bunny Gal having to wake up at 6am getting ready to Nursery plus get stuck in traffic jam everyday after all she is not even 3 by Jan 2012. Still need a lot of consideration before we can make up our mind.