Not sure why or how, Bunny Gal develops the new passion of lining up her toys in a straight line and then mess it up and repeat it again. Bunny Mum just can’t help but wonder what so fun about it. Bunny Gal does it with blocks, sticks, figurines, soft toys, etc. She can go on and on repeating the same process and still feel excited about it.

Can you see how focus and concentrate she is in lining her toys up?

Bunny Mum was told that those kids with OCD are into arranging everything in a same order and I can’t help to wonder whether Bunny Gal is showing some signs of OCD especially she is into washing her hand very often and can’t stand a single dirt on the floor where she will pick it up and make us throwing it. She is also into using tissue wiping anything everything and still claim it is dirty. Dirty, wipe wipe, throw, wash wash are her favourite words. She even told Bunny Gong Gong “Gong Gong dirty, no wash wash brush brush” as Bunny Gong Gong got up to her bed before brushing his teeth.

After thinking twice, Bunny Mum doubts it since Bunny Gal is never an organized Bunny as she leaves her toys everywhere and anywhere not till Bunny Mum seeks her help to clean up by singing the “Let’s put the toys away” song.