Bunny Gal has been watching Barney’s “Let’s go to the beach” lately and dying to go for a beach day. Since 2 days ago, she has been carrying her beach set everywhere she walks to. Bunny Mum and Dad were cracking head finding a clean & nearby beach to go for the weekend. Unfortunately, Avillion and Thristle were fully booked while the nearby beach like Morib wasn’t high recommended among the mummies with toddlers. With the help of “mighty” Google, we found a mummy’s blog recommending this man-made beach at Putrajaya. We decided to give it a try given we were practically left with NO other option.

Yesterday night, while Bunny Mum was busy packing for this morning picnic, Bunny Gal dragged out a big bag and stuffed her beach ball into it. Next she pulled out her Barney’s beach towel and told me ” mummy, pack!”. See, she was all ready! This morning, she woke up by herself w/o much fuss but gave us a headache when we tried to change her! Guess what? She refused to change into a t-shirt and short. She walked to her drawer, pulled out her swimsuit and wanna dress in it! Bunny Dad had no choice but to change her into her swimsuit.

After 2 wrong turnings, we finally arrived our destination at 10.30am. Weather was lovely in the sense that it was cloudy but not rainy. Therefore it wasn’t hot at all. There were about 8 groups/families at the “beach” with many kids playing in the water.

Overall the “beach” was rather clean with no sight of rubbish and there were workers standing by to clean the place. Washroom and changing area were merely a few steps away from the “beach”.

Bunny Gal really love this place and she had a great time here playing sand with Bunny Dad while Bunny Mum busy capturing the beautiful daddy-daughter bonding moments.

Bunny Mum also joined the fun

All of us had a wonderful morning which costs us almost nothing. All we spent on were 30mins driving time & petrol, a loaf of bread plus some tuna spread, in return we had a great outdoor activities with our Bunny Gal. In life, a lot of us are busy with rat race and climbing corporate ladder till we have forgotten it is those “simple things” in life that actually give us the most satisfaction and greatest happiness. And usually these “simple things” are priceless – as in do not cost you dollars and cents BUT some of your time.


Bunny Mum received a lot of inquires on the location of this “beach”. You just need to follow the signboard leading you to Precinct 6 and Pullman Putrajaya Hotel. If you have a GPS, set Pullman as your landmark and you won’t go wrong. Once the Pullman Hotel on your right (there is a right turning to bring you to the Pullman’s entrance), you continue to head straight till you reach the junction right after Pullman where you make a right turn. Head straight and shortly you will reach another cross junction, make right turn again and you will see Kompleks Sukan Air Presint 6 on your left while the beach is right in front of you. You may park at the road side or follow the sign leading to a proper car park on your left.

Have fun!!