Bunny Dad is …

  1. a full time employee to his company – he works around the clock – phone call never stop even during odd hours;
  2. a part time hubby to Bunny Mum – anytime after working hours and w/o phone calls coming in is meant for Bunny Mum except weekends ; and
  3. a weekends dad to Bunny Gal – he only takes care of Bunny Gal on weekends with limited scope of work such as washing & sterilise her bottles, carrying her throughout the nights and playing with her.

Bunny Dad’s job always comes 1st, follows by the rest. This  ranking never change even after the arrival of Bunny Gal – not by choice but he needs to earn a living to provide the best to Bunny Gal.

Bunny Dad has never show any lovey-dovey sign to any kids prior having Bunny Gal. Kids is never his top priority in family planning. Immediately after he has his 1st sight on Bunny Gal, he is no longer able to take his eyes of her. Bunny Gal just melt his heart, no matter she is crying or smiling. That’s the power of love! A daddy’s love toward his girl – it’s so natural & pure and no words can described such wonderful feelings. He is willing to sacrifice anything everything for Bunny Gal.

Oh.oh.. How about Bunny Mum? Too bad..lover always come 1st ! There is a saying that daughter is daddy’s lover in his past life  and she will return to him to continue their unfinished love story.