Bunny Gal is

  1. a full time grand-daughter to Bunny GongGong and Bunny PoPo – she stays with them on weekdays ;
  2. a part time entertainer to Bunny Dad and Bunny Mum – she always keeps Bunny Dad and Bunny Mum entertained during daily dinner except Wednesday; and
  3. a weekends daughter to Bunny Dad and Mum – she only stays with Bunny Dad and Bunny Mum on weekends.

Bunny Gal’s favourite persons are ranked as follows:

  1. Bunny GongGong => her wishing tree
  2. Bunny Dad => her pillow &  mattress
  3. Bunny PoPo => her main caretaker-cum-discipline teacher
  4. Bunny Mum => her last resort, if everything else fails

Bunny Gal loves dogs and she used to call every single furry animal with 4 legs and a tail as WooWoo. She loves to play with BoBo (Pekingese) and WaiWai (Toy Poodle) and not afraid of them even when she was merely 6 months old. She will pet them, pull their ears & tails and even attempted to ride on WaiWai!

Being a cautious bunny, she will only take calculated risk. She will assess the risk involved before deciding whether to proceed with her naughty act.  Not sure whether to praise her or to spank her backside whenever she does her stunt!

No matter what, Bunny Gal is still Bunny Dad and Bunny Mum’s greatest masterpiece. She is also the greatest gift sent by God to Bunny Dad and Bunny Mum. Everything about her is priceless. To Bunny Dad and Bunny Mum, there is nothing in this world would worth more than Bunny Gal – not even a mountain of gold!

Bunny Dad and Bunny Mum will love Bunny Gal, no matter she is pretty or ugly, smart or stupid, obedient or rebellious, etc because parents’ love toward their kids are unconditional!