Bunny Mum is …

  1. a full time employee to her boss – she spends around 10 hrs in the office ;
  2. a part time wife to Bunny Dad – anytime after her office hours is meant for Bunny Dad except weekends ; and
  3. a weekends mum to Bunny Gal – she only takes care of Bunny Gal on weekends.

It may sound as if Bunny Mum’s job comes 1st, followed by the rest. This  ranking is only true before the arrival of Bunny Gal. No one, not even Bunny Mum would expect Bunny Gal to turn her life upside down! She endured her c-sec pain, sacrificed her sleep, took time off at work in order to breastfeed Bunny Gal for a good 10 months because no other baby’s 1st food is better than mummy’s breastmilk. She also learns cooking and baking in order to prepare healthy homemade food for Bunny Gal. She insists on taking care of Bunny Gal by herself  instead of leaving Bunny Gal to the maid. Etc..etc..etc…

Nothing in Bunny Mum’s life could be more important than Bunny Gal, not even Bunny Dad!

Oppss… poor Bunny Dad!