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I have stopped blogging since February as I was very quite ill since end February and was hospitalized twice to fix my heart. During my stay in the hospital, I finally decided that it’s time to leave my “baby” (nope, not Bunny Gal) behind and move on since there has been too much emotional baggage for me to stay on. And yes, for greener pasture too! It is never an easy decision given that I have put up the whole place “brick- by-brick” and spent my good 6 years there.

I spent 3 out of 4 weeks of March on medical leaves and the entire month of April to handover. Finally I stepped out on 9 May 2011 and flew off to Europe the next day together with the entire Bunny family for a good 3 weeks.

Stay tune and I will update more on the trip plus Bunny Gal’s latest development.